Online Analysers for Continuous Measurements
of Heavy Metals in Water.


New Analysers series named COMPOSER based on spectrophotometric technology.

SEIBOLD COMPOSER, Online Analyser for Heavy Metals in Water

Mechanics: As simple and robust as needed!

All hose pumps are the same model and type and driven by a precise stepper motor. No gear box, less failures. The pump integrates Japanese stepper motor, Italian pump head and German electronics. A great combination.

Hose Pump

Pump Parameters:

  • Diameter: 1.6 and 3 mm hoses.
  • Speed: 0.1 to 80 TPM.
  • Patented Fittings connecting Hoses and Pumps.
  • Fittings and Hoses all in PTFE.
  • Direct Hose Connections to Photometer.

The spectrophotometric method is seen as the most robust and most accurate technology (source: WHO). This makes this technology an ideal choice for process and online analysers.


The photometer has two parts. First, the body holding fitting for the tubes and a mixing unit. Second, the measurement chamber protecting the light path. Because of its ideal size and shape the reagent consumption is very low (between 3 and 5 ml / measurement) and a homogeniuous sample / reagent / buffer solution can be established.

New Photometer
Leading Edge Technology!

Introduction of photometer with optimised signal/noise ratio, for lowest measurement range and precise results.

photometer for ultra low range
Photometer for Ultra Low Range

The continuous effort to get better and best online analysers has to focus on photometer. It is about size and shape of measurement chamber in combination with beam and liquid control.
This time we optimised the measurement chamber and the optical system for lower noise/signal ratio and lowest measurement range. The target applications are drinking water and ultra pure water measurements in power plants and electronics industries.


Software interface and screens are intuitive but complex and full of information. All data is recorded and used for inteligent concentration calculation. The 6-point calibration procedure introduces a perfect fit of extinctions values to real concentration of a specific heavy metal.

Iron and Manganese for Drinking Water Plants.

In drinking water plants Iron and Manganese should be measured to insure highest quality of drinking water. WHO stated limits for Iron of 200 ppb and Managanese of 50 ppb.

drinking water plant
Installation: Drinking Water

The additional effort in this special application is not only to measure very low ranges (SEIBOLD recommends to measure 1/2 of low range limit) but also that in drinking water many heavy metals act interfering to iron and manganese. A special method, developed for this application, also measures the kinetics of color development. In synchronisation with intelligent mathematical models best result can be acheived.
A combined measurement analyser COMPOSER was built for more efficency and lower costs.

Application: Heavy Metals in Industrial Waste Water.

Industrial Park Wuchang/China

Online measurement of Industrial Waste Water introduces two problems to be solved. First, the complex matrix will interfere with measurement.
Second, the fast change of the composition of the waste water needs a set of different measurement tactics.
How a project runs.

  • Feasibility Study. Technologies, Costs per Measurement.
  • Laboratory work to develop measurement procedure.
  • Test on site.
  • Gap Study: Feasibility Study to Test results.
  • Optimisation and Installation.
  • Maintenenace and consumables contract.

COMPOSER Heinrich Proch for Chromium
can measure total Chromium or Chromate.
get it ...!

  • For total Chromium and Chromate (CrVI) or CrIII exclusive.
  • Very fast and accurate.
  • Spectrophotometric technology.
  • Flexible as needed.

SEIBOLD Wasser - Analysatorenfabrik GmbH.

SEIBOLD develops and produces online analysers for more than 15 years. The new introduced series COMPOSER for Heavy Metals were developed and designed new in all aspects.

We started this research process by development of unique and proprietary chemistry and reagents. The reagents must be non hazardousand non toxic and sensitive to the measured heavy metal for best accuracy. The meachnical design has reduced complexity because of number of parts and integration of parts for better operational stability.
Electronics for photometer and concentration calculation and signal handling is leading edge technology. The software was exclusively developed for SEIBOLD COMPOSER to support intuitive handling and intelligent concentration calculation strategies.

Dr. Jasmina Vukoviċ
Research and Development

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Chemistry: Selective and Sensitve and Non Toxic Reagents!

Reagents and chemistry used with SEIBOLD COMPOSER Analysers are free from toxic compounds. The "Green Thumb" project started in 2006 and delivered its first products in 2008. Now our complete SEIBOLD COMPOSER Analyser product line has been introduced to the market.

SEIBOLD's Analyser series COMPOSER is based on colorimetric measurement technology. Measured concentration is a function of color, formed by a complex of metal and reagents (buffer and dye). Colorimetric laboratory standard methods for heavy metal analysis are based on toxic and hazardous chemicals.

Many of our clients in drinking water plants state the strong obligation for non toxic reagents to reduce risk of operation and production.
The trend towards green products for environmental care additionaly supports this initiative. In 2006 SEIBOLD started with investigation and development of new reagents for heavy metal analysis.

green thumb project
Green Thumb Project
  • Iron (Fe2+/3+)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Chromate (Cr6+)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Cadmium (Cd)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Nickel (Ni)
  • Zinc (Zn)

The main important positive side effect of non toxic reagents is low total cost of measurement (TCM). Costs for shipping, handling and wasting of non toxic liquids are reduced.

Fortunately this reagent set is available also for other vendor's analysers. Please ask if your vendor of choice is supported.

What 'total' means in total heavy metal measurements.

For in-process and on-line measurements of heavy metal in industrial samples all sample preparation must be done continuously in one step:

  • Interference influences must be eliminated.
  • Oxidation stages have to be taken into account (or separated and excluded).
  • Complexes have to be destroyed to free the heavy metal ions for measurement.
  • Suspended particles must become dissolved again (or separated and excluded).

In SEIBOLD on-line analysers this important step is achieved by using our unique and proprietary reagents (buffers and dye). A good example is our Chromium Analyser for Cr total and Cr VI exclusively.

How to Handle Measurement Complexity!

Measurement and analysis of heavy metals in water on a continuous basis is a complex task. SEIBOLD created the complexity model to ensure that operational reliability is not reduced and total costs of measurement is not increased.

complexity chart
Complexity Chart

While complexity in chemistry and electronics will increase the complexity in mechanical parts must decrease. This means to limit mechanical parts and avoid valves and other sources for failure.

SEIBOLD and it's partners acting as ONE, world wide!

In 2010 SEIBOLD launched the partnership program VIRTUAL ONE.

bernert in china

The main goal was to define roles of all parties. SEIBOLDs role is to invent, develop and deliver the best online analysers. Our partners have to develop their markets for SEIBOLD COMPOSER. Together a complete and professional picture is sent to the clients and customers.

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Markets and Applications.

Technology and Innovation.

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Organisation and Company.

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